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Pedestrian Radiation Monitor

Movable personnel radioactivity monitoring system

1 Product description


The movable door type personnel radioactivity monitoring system is used to monitor the radioactivity of personnel and carried baggage. The main monitored rays are gamma rays. The system can be temporarily installed at the entrance of public places such as large conferences and exhibition halls, and can also be used for nuclear emergency sites. It is designed to be easy to disassemble and transport. The transport boxes are equipped with wheels, and the staff can work without any tools. It will be installed in minutes.

The monitoring system is a door structure. Two 5L plastic scintillator detectors can be arranged on the left and right sides, and a 5L plastic scintillator detector can be arranged on the top and bottom. Customers are free to choose the number of plastic scintillator detectors, but the lowest configuration is four plastic scintillator detectors, two detectors on each of the left and right sides. In addition to this, customers can also configure the top or bottom detectors individually or both top and bottom detectors.

The monitoring system is equipped with a portable monitoring host that is externally attached to the outside of the door frame. The host has a LCD display, which can display the count rate of each detector in real time. There are also three-color led indicators on the main panel. When the system is faulty or alarmed, the indicators will be displayed in different colors. The buttons on the main unit can be used to set time information, set the alarm value information of each detector separately, and so on. When the system alarms, the red indicator light on the panel of the main unit will flash, and an alarm sound will be emitted, which requires the manual operation of the staff to cancel the alarm.

The monitoring system can work at 100-250V (AC). If you need other power supply methods, you can also customize it with our lithium battery-powered solution.


2 Features


  Lightweight design

  Dynamic background algorithm, low false positive rate

  Modular design, easy to operate and maintain

  4 plastic scintillator detectors available

  No tools required, it can be disassembled in a few minutes

  Wheeled transport case



3 Product parameters

Detector: 4 pcs 5L plastic scintillator detectors

Control host: LCD display, alarm threshold can be set, integrated sound and light alarm unit

Display range: 0-9999kcps

Alarm mode: flashing warning light and buzzer

Supply voltage: 100v ~ 250v (AC)

Emergency power supply: lithium battery (optional)

Working temperature: -20 ~ 50 ° C

Detector size: 600*100*50mm

Outer size: 2100*1000*150mm

Inner size: 1950*820mm





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