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Portal Radiation Monitor for Vehicle & Steel & Scrap

Truck Portal radiation Monitor System


Portal vehicle radioactivity monitoring system, is mainly installed in airports, docks, railway stations, steel production enterprises, entry and exit security inspection channels, nuclear power plant control areas, nuclear waste treatment plants and other important entrances and exits.The portal monitors are used to monitor whether vehicles, trains, containers, etc. carry radioactivity Material. Product sensitivity wide detection range, short response time, and it can achieve automatic radiation alarm, automatic data storage, automatic recording alarm vehicle, and other functions. When the radioactivity level in the vehicle exceeds the alarm threshold, the system emits an audible and visual alarm signal to prevent the spread of radioactive materials and their pollutants.


Technical indicators

- Detector: plastic scintillator detector, single detector volume 25L (1000*500*50mm), total 4 pieces.

Detector Housing : 1700*800*175mm

- Energy range: 35kev ~ 3Mev

- Detection area height: 0.1~4.5m

- Detection area response width: 5m (double detector)

- Standard speed is 8km/h; maximum speed: 20 km/h

- Environmental adaptability: Temperature: -25 ° C ~ +60 ° C, humidity: 10% ~ 95% Rh

- False positive rate: ≤1/10000;


- Modular design, easy to disassemble, easy to expand, customize and maintain; strong anti-interference ability, able to work in harsh natural environment;

- Alarm mode: sound and light alarm, alarm threshold can be adjusted.

- Power supply mode: 220V or 110v AC

- Protection level: IP55


Product configuration

- γ detection component: 4 pieces of plastic scintillator + 4 sets of low noise photomultiplier tube

- Support structure: 2 sets of column and waterproof case

- Alarm device: 1 set of sound and light alarms on site and control center

- Video unit: Video capture unit that records the detected vehicle

- Data integration unit: Data processing of detectors’ data

- Portal occupancy sensing device: Real-time induction of vehicle entry

- System host: Industrial computer and 12 inches display







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